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Bike Repair & Maintenance

Bicycle Brüstop Service Department

Why should Bicycle Brüstop be your repair shop?  Here are three great reasons:

  1. Competence - Our repairs are performed by trained, professional mechanics.  Every bike that is worked on is double-checked by a second mechanic to ensure that the repair was completed correctly before the bike is returned to you.
  2. Convenience - We offer text messaging as a communication method so it's easy for us to keep you up to date on the status of your bike. And if you don't want to lug your bike down to the shop? We'll handle that for you too, with pickup and delivery service (free in many cases, click here to learn more).
  3. Speed - Nobody wants to be without their bike during the riding season, so we work hard to get your bike back to you quickly.  During most of the year, that means that if we have the parts on hand to fix your bike (and we usually do), you should get your bike back in 2 business days or less!

Service Package Options

For the most comprehensive service and the best value, we recommend choosing one of our complete tune-up packages. We strive to service your bike and return it to you as quickly as possible. Learn more about our packages and visit us today for your free estimate.

Complete Tune-Up


  • Complete Tune-Up includes:
  • Bike Wash
  • Wheel True
  • Bearing Adjustments (Hubs, Headset, Bottom Bracket)
  • Resurface and adjust brakes
  • Tune Shifting
  • Torque Check on Critical Fasteners
  • Lubricate Chain
  • Set Tire Pressures

Performance Tune-Up


  • Complete Tune-Up, PLUS:
  • Replace All Mechanical Cables
  • Free follow-up appointment to address stretch on new cables
  • * Price varies based on number of cables replaced and whether or not handlebar tape replacement is necessary *

MTB Shredder Tune-Up


  • Performance Tune-Up, PLUS:
  • Bleed Hydraulic Brakes
  • Service Front and Rear Suspension
Service Packages and A La Carte SErvices